Reunion Committee

30 Year Reunion Committee

From Left: Brian Townsend, Chris Castle, Renee Hugaert, Mike Martel, Tracy (Burdick) Reitan and Jennifer (Reimann) Hollenback (front).  Missing from photo Tracey (Murphy) Williams. 


30 year Reunion Committee - girls at Homecoming Parade

From Left: Jennifer (Reiman) Hollenback, Renee Hugaert, Tracey (Murphy) Williams, Chris Castle, and Tracy (Burdick) Reitan.   A big thank you to Dara (Lentz) Barney for the beautiful 'flashback homecoming mums' she gave us to wear in the parade!




Pictured below - before the football game at the 25 year reunion....

From left: Tracey (Murphy) Williams, Renee Hugaert, Mike Martel, Tracy (Burdick) Reitan, Chris Castle