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01/27/09 08:58 AM #243    

Scott Beausang

Regarding this person, Jeff. I myself have been down & out many a times. Who is Jeff? I want to extend a hand, because others have extended their hands to me.
Tracy, Eric, S, David.......can anyone fill me in on any more details.
I was not able to read the article via the link from David

02/03/09 08:21 AM #244    

Andy Buck

If anyone has responded to Scott's question privately, could you drop me a message as well? I'd also like to know which Jeff it is. As with Scott, the link doesn't work for me. Thanks, I'd really appreciate it.

02/04/09 12:48 PM #245    


Tracy Burdick (Reitan)

All - please check out FACEBOOK. We have created a MHS CLASS OF 83 group for our class. Seems like there are a lot of classmates who have profiles on facebook. If you don't already have one, be sure to check it out. And be sure you join this group for communication with the class!

02/04/09 12:57 PM #246    

Scott Beausang

To, no one has contacted me privately. I am planning a visit to Moline in early March. I hope someone can provide me/us with more details. Once again, that link sends me to a "subscription" page, not to the article.
And yes, Go to Facebook! I think that site is awesome. So is this one Tracy.
Peace to all.

02/09/09 04:27 PM #247    


Tracy Burdick (Reitan)

Another shout out to everyone... we are going to the Basketball game again this Friday, Feb. 13th... vs. UT. We will most likely sit near the band again.

Hope to C-ya there!

02/14/09 10:02 PM #248    


Tracy Burdick (Reitan)

We've been having a great time at the Moline Basketball games and then going out afterwards. Please feel free to join us if you are available. There are two more home games, both the next two fridays, 2/20 and then again 2/27. 2/20 is vs. Galesburg and I belive the 2/27 is vs. Quincy.

Come out and cheer on the Maroons!!!

02/24/09 11:55 AM #249    

Scott Beausang

To anyone interested.....
There is a small group planning on meeting at the River House(Moline)on Thursday evening, March 5th.
Just an informal get-together for a cocktail or two. All are welcome. Hope to see you there.

04/28/09 08:43 PM #250    


This site rocks.

07/09/09 09:00 PM #251    


Tracy Burdick (Reitan)

Friday night July 10- River House in Moline around 8:30 p.m. some fellow class of 83'ers in town for the golf tourney are heading out... Please join us!

07/20/09 11:57 AM #252    

Susan Saelens (Clark)

The "get together" at the river house was fun. It is good to see everyone. It make you feel a bit younger!I like the way this has helped the class of "83 keep in touch better!

07/22/09 12:46 PM #253    

Jennifer Hutton

Found this on today! Thought I'd share:

1984 -- 25 years ago: Richard Medd, 18, Moline, is performing at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., this summer as trombonist with the All-American College Marching Band, the performing portion of a music education program known as the Disney Entertainment Work Experience Program.

08/25/09 03:13 PM #254    

Jennifer Bruesewitz (Borg)

Hello Everyone!
We just moved and I have come across MANY pictures of old classmates dating way back to Garfield Elementary (watch out Gretta, Kris, Devra, Heather...)-didn't even realize I had them as I haven't looked at them in probably 20+ years! Anyway, last year around our 25th there were alot of fun, old photos posted so I plan to add to those as soon as I get these scanned-stay tuned!!

ps: some VERY interesting ones of Spring Break Senior year in Ft. Lauderdale too-don't worry girls, I won't post them all :)

09/28/09 01:34 PM #255    

Brian Townsend

Hey Classs of '83!! Come to this Halloween Party this year, have some fun, support MHS Athletics, come dressed in an awesome costume, enjoy some "beverages" of your choice, and catch up with some old friends and make new ones (and maybe win some $ or prizes):

Come to the MOLINE BOOSTER CLUB'S Boooooster Bash Oct 24, 2009

Support MHS Athletics

Where: Scottish Rite Cathedral
1800 7th Avenue - Moline

When: Boooooster Bash - Oct 24, 2009 8 - 12 PM

Entertainment by: Second Mortgage (Music)

Admission: $10.00

Spooktacular Food Provided with Admission
Beverages sold separately

Raffle Tickets: $50.00 (Win $10,000.00)

Costume Contest and Cash Bar

03/13/10 10:57 AM #256    

Cindy Wright (Schick)

I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to pray for me and my children in the loss of my husband he had cancer but was in remission and passed unexpectedly. I am lost and so thank you,

Cindy Schick

03/16/10 06:40 PM #257    

Scott Beausang

My sympathies Cindy. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I had just read your profile update and was saddened. Then I saw your message here. Peace to you Cindy.
Scott B.

03/18/10 09:11 PM #258    

Maryann Miner (Dowell)

So sorry to read of your loss Cindy, you and your family are in my prayers. Know that God is with you during this difficult time, lean on Him and remember the good times I'm sure you had with your husband. MaryAnn

03/30/10 01:39 PM #259    

Todd Settle

Cindy you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

05/10/10 02:29 PM #260    

Brian Townsend

Sorry for your loss Cindy.  Our prayers are with you and your entire family.

Also, for everyone familiar with Phil Gomez, Phil went through yet another major round of surgeries a couple weeks ago in Iowa City of the U of I Hospital for reconstructive surgery of his throat and tongue again (for cancer).  He went through a lot (four different procedures this time) which is very complicated (skin graphs from arms, legs, muscle tissue replacement from pec muscles, etc.).  He is resting at home now (as of late last week) and doing very well given the situation.  He will be in recovery for at least 6 weeks or more and going back and forth for check ups during this process.  His wife and kids have been strong through all this and are doing well.  John Carius, Dave Anderson and I visited Phil at home late last week and were able to talk to him a bit and put a smile on his face a couple times.  We assured Phil and family that if anything needs to be done around their house while he is in recovery, that any of us would surely help out whenever needed.  PLEASE SAY A PRAYER FOR PHIL again also, as this is his third time of dealing with surgeries or radiation treatments to try and fight this throat/tongue cancer.  He is a trooper for sure, and will continue to fight it, and recover.  Give him any support you can, along with his family.   

06/29/10 04:22 PM #261    

Scott Beausang

Thanks for the update Brian.  When you see Phil again, please tell him I said hello and that he and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.

06/22/12 11:45 PM #262    

Deidre Dombek (Lindahl)

Hey Everyone!  I vote Homecoming for our Class Reunion!  It was SO much fun to go to the game and the parade last time!  Soooo excited ... I know this year will fly by.  Hope everyone is well and happy.  See you all soon!  Xoxo, Deidre. :)

09/14/12 03:30 PM #263    

Brian Townsend

Does ANYONE in our MHS Class of 1983 know where Brian Welsh is at, where he lives, works, how to contact him?     

10/16/12 12:29 PM #264    

Deidre Dombek (Lindahl)



I'm SO excited you have a tentative date!!  Wooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo!  Keep us informed please!!  Thanks to everyone on the committee!

Deidré Dombek Lindahl  :)

11/18/14 01:44 PM #265    


Carmen Clemente

Hi. I just found this site and I would like to know if anyone from our class lives in Phoenix and also if anyone remembers me from High School and what they would be funny to hear! I would love to re-connect with People from our class!! Thank you and Happy Reading!!!!

Carmen Clemente- Phoenix, Arizona


06/11/15 10:54 PM #266    


James Solomon

Hi, just found the site and it sure does bring back some memories. I've been away from the qc for a very long time and unfortunately missed the reuniom. If anyone still remembers me drop me a note. I'll try to reach out as well.

06/12/15 12:02 PM #267    


Tracy Burdick (Reitan)

Welcome Jim.  Glad you found our site!  We also have a FB page ~ so if you are on facebook, look for our class page on there as well.  Our last reunion was in the Fall of 2013... so we'll be due for another in 2018... will most likely be in Summer this next go around.  That will be 35 years if you're counting!  Yikes!!!  


We may still plan a "50th birthday" party for the class this summer... but it will be low key and most like just a night if anyone is around and wants to go can go...



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